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Posted on January 28, 2016

What is Stylevoo?

Stylevoo is a community where users can shop or create looks for any occasion. Each look is comprised of various items that create an outfit. Each item within a look links to pricing and where-to-buy information. Our community consists of shoppers and stylists. Anyone can search looks for any occasion or just explore the latest fashion trends created by some of the world’s most talented stylists. 


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Benefit to stylists:

Stylists have the opportunity to build their personal brand by creating looks with our Stylevoo drag and drop editor tool. Once stylists have created looks, they can publish their looks to our community and earn 50% commissions for any item purchased through their looks. You can learn how to create looks here (Link to getting started).

We have negotiated special affiliate commissions ranging from 5-25% with many top online retailers including Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Topshop and many others. A full list of stores can be viewed in the Stylevoo editor. We are constantly adding new brands. To view all brands, register here (Link to register page). When a user purchases an item from your look, our links track the purchase. We get paid a commission for each sale and then share 50% with the look creator through automatic PayPal payments. We share 50% because we view our relationship with Stylists as a true partnership. 

Stylevoo provides the technology, business relationships and community, so stylists can focus on earning money for doing what they love.

Key points:

- Once you create a look, it gets posted on Stylevoo.com where others can view and buy items directly from your looks.
- If you choose, you can easily share your looks with your social networks or on your site with the share button or copy/paste the URL. You get credit for all sales generated through your looks no matter where you share them. Our stylists share their looks on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, emails and any other social channel you can think of.
- You can easily create looks with our look creation tool. You can get access to the tool by registering on Stylevoo.com.
- The site is and will always be completely free to join and use. Better yet, you earn commissions for every sale generated by looks your share on Stylevoo.com.

Become a featured stylist:

If you are interested in becoming a free featured stylist on Stylevoo.com, please provide us with some background information here (Link to form). This is a great opportunity to grow your personal brand and get added exposure. We evaluate all applications and will contact you if you’re a good fit for our featured stylist program.

How was the concept born?

In 2012 one of our founders had a big job interview in San Francisco. It was the next major step in his career and an opportunity he couldn’t afford to miss. He came from a corporate background on the east coast and was making a transition into the .com world. He knew the style was different in San Francisco and wanted to look the part but didn’t really know how to go about it. 

By recommendation from a friend he went to Nordstrom to pick the right outfit. Nordstrom offered great options but it was overwhelming. An assistant shopper offered to help and he explained what he needed. The stylist quickly understood the goal, opened a changing room and provided several different looks to find the right match. By the end of the night he had the right look and he felt confident. It was the first time he truly experienced the value of a personal stylist.

He had heard the saying that “Clothes make the man” but never fully grasped the concept until he arrived for his interview and nailed it. A quick correlation was made between looking right and feeling confident. When you feel confident, you can do amazing things. That concept stuck with him and he wondered how he could bring that same experience to masses in a scalable, affordable and searchable way. 

The idea:

He soon discovered that there were many capable fashion bloggers online but the space had become so saturated that it became very difficult for new fashion bloggers to stand out. It had also become extremely fragmented and unsearchable, making it difficult for shoppers to find exactly what they were looking for. Becoming a successful fashion blogger meant having to learn and navigate complex web technology, mastering online marketing to attract a sizable audiences, the need constant fresh content creation and establishing business relationships to monetize the whole thing. 

The solution:

The initial idea was to create a community for stylists, create easy to use technology/tools and establish the business relationships so stylists could monetize their talent. By doing so, stylists can focus on doing what they love, build their personal brand and make money doing it. After many years of relevant industry experience, consulting top fashion influencers and research, the concept evolved and became what you see today on Stylevoo.com. We are constantly listening to our audience and working to improve the community. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Thanks for your support.