Getting started with Stylevoo

Posted on January 29, 2016

Getting started with Stylevoo:

Welcome to Stylevoo! Stylevoo is an easy way to create beautiful looks with simple drag and drop tools and share share them on our site. Look creators earn 50% of affiliate commissions for every item purchased through their looks. Once you’ve created and published your looks they will appear on the community for shoppers to discover and buy from. You can also share your looks outside of Stylevoo on any social channel or by sharing a link to your look through email or however you like. Stylevoo tracks the purchases back to your account and you receive monthly commission payments through PayPal.

We have already partnered with many brands including Nordstrom, Topshop, Tory Burch and many others, so you can start earning money as soon as you start. Stylevoo is completely free to use and better yet, you earn commissions for all items purchased from your looks. More about us here (Insert link to about us page).

Quick guide to getting started:

1.) Register for a Stylevoo account. You can register here if you haven't done so already. It’s completely free forever and approval is instant.

2.) Log into your Stylevoo account with your username and password

3.) Navigate to the “Editor” page. Here’s where you can search for products by store and  product category. Play around with the various filters to find exactly what you’re looking for or just “search all” to discover new products. You can also search for general product names (e.g. “Michael Kors Handbag”)  or specific models to find exactly what you’re looking for. We also have a handy web clipper tool, called the Stylette. Use the Stylette to import products directly from sites like Nordstrom’s etc. Here are some additional tips for finding products to use in your looks.

4.) Once you’ve searched for products, you can click the product preview image for additional details such as description and pricing.

5.) Once you’ve found an item you want to add to your look, simply drag & drop into the area to the left of products. Here you can resize, rotate, clip, layer and do many other things. The “Mode” button allows you to toggle between simple templates for beginners or advanced options with no barriers. More on Simple vs Advanced mode here*Quick tips: Keep your looks clean and don’t over clutter. Minimize the amount of white space in your looks. Focus on the product. Discover top products by filtering by most popular or highest rated products on sites such as Nordstrom etc. Here's a great look example below:

Stylist outfit looks and shoppable looks

6.) Add multiple items to create a complete look. Looks generally include a head-to-toe outfit but can be whatever you like, so get creative. Try experimenting with creating budget looks, themed looks for special occasions or create a collection of similar items. Look at what other users have created to get a sense of what works. The possibilities are endless and only limited to your creativity. Don’t worry about creating the perfect look on your first try, your skills will evolve over time.

7.) It is extremely important to put effort into your title, description and tags. These three items are almost as important as your actual look and play a huge role in how users discover your looks. Keep your Titles short and descriptive. Your description should explain how the look is best worn and should include keywords that you wish to be found under like “summer look” or “first date” etc. You should aim for a minimum of 3 tags per look. This will improve your chances of users finding your look and making a purchase.

8.) Be sure to save your look as you go. Once you’re happy with your look, “Publish” it to share with the world and earn money doing what you love. Keep in mind that your look automatically posts to the community but you can also help boost your visibility by sharing the look with your social networks. You get paid no matter where your share your looks.

Check out more tips & tricks on our blog or contact us with any specific questions.


-The Stylvoo Team